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Medical Benefits

Medical Benefit is the most important of all the benefits available to an Insured Person under ESI. In this state medical benefit is imparted through the Directorate of ESI (Medical Benefit) Scheme under the Department of Labour, Government of West Bengal.

The package of medical benefit consists of primary care, secondary care including hospitalization and tertiary care i.e. Super Specialty services though in house facilities, as well through tie up arrangements with reputed Medical Institutions in the state. Besides above supply of Drugs & Dressings is made free of cost, treatment aids like spectacles, hearing aid, denture etc. are supplied to beneficiaries free of cost. There is provision of ambulance service, immunisation and vaccination service at all the ESI centres implemented in the state. The ESI (Medical Benefit) Scheme also participates in National Health Programmes like RNTCP for control of TB and HIV/ AIDs control programme. There is one Blood Bank for collection and supply of blood to the beneficiaries.

Primary Care

For imparting primary care there is a net working of 584 Insurance Medical Practitioners (IMPs) and 41 Service Dispensaries (SDs) dispersed through out the implemented areas in the state. There is also one dispensary for imparting primary care at Khargapur. The primary care net work provides primary level consultation and supply of Drugs & Dressings to the beneficiaries on advice by the ESI doctor.

Later on i) Superintendent, ESIH Sealdah ii) Asstt. Superintendent, ESIH Sealdah iii) Principal, Nursing Training School, ESIH Sealdah iv) Supeprintendent, ESIH Kamarhati, v) Principal, Nursing Training School, ESIH Kamarhati & vi) Joint Director (Accounts), ESI Directorate were also included in the Governing Body as co-opted members.

Area of Functioning

A) Nurses' Training Centre (NTC), ESIH Maniktala.
  1. Trains in General Nursing and Midwifery Course(GNM)
  2. Approved by Indian Nursing Council (INC) as well as West Bengal Nursing Council (WBNC).
  3. A 3 & 12 years Diploma Course.

From the current session (2008 – 2009) the number of seats has been enhanced from 20 to 40 seats.

  1. Hostel accommodation (compulsory for all trainee students) available. Well maintained library, modernized up graded audio visual teaching aids, computer and yoga training facilities available. Arrangement for field visits.
  2. Different extra curricular activities all though the year.
B) Nursing Training School (NTS) at ESI Hospital, Sealdah & Kamarhati.
  1. Started functioning from March 2008 with the auspice of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) Govt. of India and Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal. The fund for conducting the course is provided by the NRHM.
  2. Trains in Auxiliary Nursing & Midwifery, Rural (ANM-R) Course – duration is 1 & ½ year.
  3. 45 trainees at NTS, ESIH Sealdah & 55 trainees at ESIH Kamarhati.
  4. Approved by WBNC.
  5. Both the NTS provides hostel accommodation (compulsory) to all trainees, well maintained library, modernized up graded audio visual teaching aids & field visits.
C) DMLT (Tech) Course at ESI Hospital Maniktala.
  1. Started functioning from September 2008.
  2. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology Course.
  3. Approved by State Medical Faculty of West Bengal.
  4. Number of seats – 10
  5. Two years training course.
Future Plans
  1. Opening of B Sc. Nursing (condensed) Course at ESI Hospital Maniktala.
  2. Training Course for Dialysis Technicians.
  3. Training Course for ECG Technicians.
  4. Training Course for Radiology Technicians and Optometry Course at ESI Hospital Kamarhati.