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Disablement Benefit

Disablement Benefit consists of Temporary Disablement Benefit and Permanent Disablement Benefit.

  1. Temporary Disablement Benefit : This benefit is admissible for temporary disablement, arising out of Employment Injury, sustained by an employee in course of employment. There is no limit of duration of this benefit, in as much as an employee can be entitled to this benefit for the entire period he is certified incapacitated temporarily, as certified by Insurance Medical Practitioner/I.M.O. etc.. No contributory condition is required to be fulfilled for this benefit. An I.P., being an employee, can be entitled; to this benefit, immediately on sustaining an E.I., even on first day of, his Insurable Employment. The rate of Temporary Disablement Benefit is; 40% more than the Standard Benefit Rate equivalent to about 80% of the, average daily wages at the maximum.
  2. Permanent Disablement Benefit: Permanent Disablement Benefit is of 2 category, as permanent partial disablement benefit and permanent total disblement benefit. This benefit is admissible to an I.P., who loses earning capacity partially or fully as a result of Employment Injury sustained by him as an employee. The loss of earning capacity is assessed by a; duly-constituted Medical Board. This benefit is paid periodically till the death of an I.P. An I.P. can, however, be entitled to lump sum payment of Permanent Disalement Benefit, in lieu of periodic payment, which is called commutation of Permanent Disablement Benefit, subject to the rate of such benefit being within Rs. 5.00 per day and/or the commuted value does not exceed Rs. 30,000.00.

During the year 2006, 2,824 cases have been admitted for fresh payment of P.D.B., with this, the total number of live P.D.B. beneficiaries at the end of 31.12.06, stands at 29,873.